Solve For Why Poker Primer Download


Poker is not your hobby, so you shouldn’t be looking for conventional poker video and training courses. Our advanced poker training courses gives you the framework and tools to move up stakes and dominate the field.



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Solve For Why Poker Primer Download

Semester 1

  1. Afforded Information & Basic Math.mp4
  2. Equity.mp4
  3. Preflop Dynamics.mp4
  4. Bet Sizing.mp4
  5. Balance.mp4
  6. Range Narrowing Part 1 .mp4
  7. Range Narrowing Part 2.mp4
  8. Preflop actions and Ranges.mp4
  9. Profiling & Tendencies.mp4
  10. Optimization.mp4
  11. Solve For Why Academy Primer Curriculum.docx

Semester 2 Abridged

  1. Afforded Information & Basic Math part 2.mp4
  2. Equity part 2.mp4
  3. Preflop Dynamics part 2.mp4
  4. Balance part 2.mp4
  5. Bet Sizing part2 .mp4
  6. Range Narrowing Part 2.1.mp4
  7. Range Narrowing Part 2.2.mp4
  8. 3-bet Pots & Leverage.mp4
  9. Profiling & Tendencies part 2.mp4
  10. Optimization part 2.mp4


  1. Afforded Information & Basic Math.pptx
  2. Equity.pptx
  3. Preflop Dynamics.pptx
  4. Balance.pptx
  5. Bet Sizing.pptx
  6. Range Narrowing Part 1.pptx
  7. Range Narrowing Part 2.pptx
  8. 3-bet Pots & Leverage.pptx
  9. Profiling & Tendencies.pptx
  10. Optimization.pptx
  11. Solve For Why Academy Primer Curriculum.docx

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Solve For Why Poker Primer Download

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