Upswing Advanced Cash Game Strategy With Kanu7


Advanced Cash Game Strategy is an elite training course for serious cash game players.

This course is taught by legendary pro Alex “Kanu7” Millar, one of the biggest-winning online cash game players of all time. Alex has condensed his decade-long career and thousands of hours of solver work to give you the most thoroughly-researched course ever developed!

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Download Upswing Advanced Cash Game Strategy With Kanu7

Cash Game Fundamentals

  1. GTO vs Exploitative Strategies
  2. How Hard Should You Exploit
  3. Theory of Betting
  4. Frequencies and Sizings
  5. High Mid Low
  6. Introduction to the Private Solver
  7. Frequencies and sizings 1.png
  8. Frequencies and sizings 2.png
  9. Frequencies and sizings 3.png
  10. Frequencies and sizings 4.png
  11. GTO vs exploitative play 1.png
  12. GTO vs exploitative play 2.png
  13. GTO vs exploitative play 3.png
  14. High Mid Low.png
  15. How hard to exploit 1.png
  16. How hard to exploit 2.png
  17. Theory of Betting 1.png
  18. Theory of Betting 2.png
  19. Theory of Betting 3.png
  20. Theory of Betting 4.png

Download Upswing Advanced Cash Game Strategy with Kanu7


  1. Preflop Introduction
  2. Opening Ranges
  3. BB vs Open
  4. SB vs Open
  5. IP vs Open
  6. vs Open and Call
  7. IP vs 3-Bet
  8. OOP vs 3-Bet
  9. Vs 3-Bet Cold
  10. Vs 4-bet
  11. SB vs BB

Download Upswing Advanced Cash Game Strategy with Kanu7


IP vs BB Donking on the Flop

  1. Donking the Flop

IP vs BB Flop C-Bet

  1. High Connected Boards
  2. Low Connected Boards
  3. High Disconnected Boards
  4. Mid Disconnected Boards
  5. Low Disconnected Boards
  6. Paired Boards
  7. Monotone Boards
  8. IP vs BB C-Betting Summary

IP vs BB Vs Flop C-Bet

  1. Connected Boards
  2. Disconnected Boards
  3. Other Boards
  4.  Check-Raising Connected Boards
  5. Check-Raising Disconnected Boards
  6. Check-Raising Other Boards

IP vs BB Vs Check-Raise

  1. Vs Check-Raise.mp4
  2. Vs x/r IP vs BB.pptx

Postflop – Turn

Turn Slides:

  1. 1-2. Turn Donking BB vs IP.pptx
  2. 3-4. Turn Barrelling IP vs BB.pptx
  3. 5. Vs Turn Barrel BB vs IP.pptx
  4. 6. Turn Probes.pptx
  5. 7-8. Delayed c-betting final.pptx

Postflop – Turn Videos:

  1. Donking on the Turn Part 1.mp4
  2. Donking on the Turn Part 2.mp4
  3. Barreling Part 1.mp4
  4. Barreling Part 2.mp4
  5. Vs Turn Barrel.mp4
  6. Probing on the Turn.mp4
  7. Delayed C-Betting Part 1.mp4
  8. Delayed C-Betting Part 2.mp4
  9. Delayed C-Betting Part 3.mp4

Postflop – Blind vs Blind


  1. 1-2-3 SB vs BB Flop Cbetting.pptx

C-Betting Videos:

  1. Disconnected Boards as SB
  2. Other Boards as SB
  3. Hand Selection as SB

Vs C-Bets:

  1. 1-2-3 SB vs BB Vs flop C-bet.pptx

Vs C-Bets Videos:

  1. Vs C-Bet Strategies as BB.mp4
  2. Defending vs C-Bet as BB.mp4
  3. Raising vs C-Bet as BB.mp4

BB vs Check

  1. BB vs SB check.pptx

BB vs Check Videos:

  1. BB Strategies vs SB Check.mp4
  2. BB Hand Selection vs SB Check.mp4

SB vs BB bet:

  1. 1-2-3 SB vs BB flop bet.pptx

SB vs BB Videos:

  1. SB Strategies vs BB Bet.mp4
  2. Defending vs BB Bet.mp4
  3. Check-Raising vs BB Bet.mp4

3-Bet Pots

  1. 3Bet Pots Blinds vs IP

Blinds vs IP Slides:

  1. 1-2-3-4 Disconnected Flops.pptx
  2. 5-6-7 Connected Flops.pptx
  3. 8-9-10 Other Flops.pptx

Blinds vs IP Videos:

  1. C-Betting Disconnected Flops SB vs BTN
  2. C-Betting Disconnected Flops Positional Adjustments
  3. C-Betting Disconnected Flops Hand Selection
  4. C-Betting Disconnected Flops Conclusions & Exploits
  5. C-Betting Connected Flops SB vs BTN
  6. C-Betting Connected Flops Positional Adjustments
  7. C-Betting Connected Flops Hand Selection
  8. C-Betting Other Flops SB vs BTN
  9. C-Betting Other Flops Positional Adjustments
  10. C-Betting Other Flops Hand Selection

3Bet Pots 3Bettor is IP

  1. 1-2. Donking Flops in 3BPs.pptx
  2. 3-4 Cbetting IP in 3bet pots.pptx

3Bet Pots 3Bettor is IP Videos:

  1. Donking on the Flop Strategies
  2. Donking on the Flop – Hand Selection
  3. C-Betting – IP Strategies
  4. C-Betting IP Hand Selection

Download Upswing Advanced Cash Game Strategy with Kanu7

Play and Explain

  1. 500NL Zoom Part 1a
  2. 500NL Zoom Part 1b
  3. 500NL Zoom Part 2a
  4. 500NL Zoom Part 2b
  5. 500NL Zoom Part 3a
  6. 500NL Zoom Part 3b
  7. 500NL Zoom Part 4
  8. 500NL Zoom Part 5

Download Upswing Advanced Cash Game Strategy with Kanu7

Play Like LLinus

  1. Overall Flop C-Bet Strategies
  2. Flop C-Bet by Board Type
  3. Vs Turn Probes
  4. Delayed Cbetting
  5. Turn Barrelling
  6. Checking Back the Turn
  7. It Hurts To Be LLoved
  8. Returning some LLove

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Download Upswing Advanced Cash Game Strategy with Kanu7



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