Run it Once From the Ground Up MTT


Over the course of 43 videos, Run It Once Pro Owen Shiels walks you through the essentials of tournament poker.

Whether it’s how to play different stack sizes, when to exploit your opponents and when to play GTO, or how ICM impacts your decisions, Owen will have you making final tables in no time.


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Foundation Principles

  1. Intro
  2. Preflop Stack Size Basics
  3. Post-flop Stack Size Basics
  4. Position
  5. Bet Size Basics
  6. GTO vs Exploitative Play
  7. HUD Basics Run It Once

Download Run it Once From the Ground Up MTT

Preflop Play

  1. Playing A Shove-Fold Stack (0-15 BBs)
  2. Playing A Re-shove Stack (12-30 BBs)
  3. Opening Ranges by Position
  4. Adjusting to the Table – Preflop Opening Ranges
  5. 3-Betting Theory Run It Once
  6. 3-Betting Examples Run It Once
  7. Squeezing Run It Once
  8. Playing Vs a 3Bet Run It Once
  9. Flatting an Open In Position Run It Once
  10. Flatting from the Blinds Run It Once

Flop Play

  1. How Post-flop Poker Works Run It Once
  2. Choosing your Line Run It Once
  3. Bet Sizing – Advanced Concepts Run It Once
  4. Playing as the PFA IP Run It Once
  5. Playing as the PFA OOP Run It Once
  6. Playing as the Cold Caller IP Run It Once
  7. Single Raised Pots OOP Run It Once
  8. 3B Pots – Post-flop Play Run It Once
  9. Check Raising and Playing vs Check Raises Run It Once
  10. Low SPR Spots Run It Once
  11. Multiway Pots Run It Once

Turn and River Play

  1. Turn Play as the Preflop Aggressor IP Run It Once
  2. Turn Play as the Preflop Aggressor OOP Run It Once
  3. Turn Play Without the Betting Lead Run It Once
  4. Betting on the River Run It Once
  5. Calling on the River Run It Once

Independent Chip Model (ICM)

  1. ICM Basics Run It Once
  2. ICM Preflop Run It Once
  3. ICM Post-flop Run It Once

The End Game

  1. Playing Shorthanded Run It Once
  2. Heads Up Play – Preflop Run It Once
  3. Heads Up Play – Post-flop Run It Once

Optimizing off the felt

  1. Game Selection Run It Once
  2. Variance, Tilt, and Mindset Run It Once

Recent Updates

  1. Bankroll Considerations – Run It Once
  2. Taking the Next Step – Run It Once

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Download Run it Once From the Ground Up MTT



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