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I’ve played poker professionally or semi-professionally for the entirety of my adult life – coming up on 15 years now!

I started with SNG’s, moved over to high stakes NL Holdem cash games after a few years, and have made Pot-Limit Omaha my main game for quite a while now. I play plenty of mixed games these days, too, with up to 15 games in the rotation, but I don’t claim to play them well!

Though online poker has always been my focus and where I’ve had the most success, I did manage to win my first WSOP bracelet in 2008, in the $5k PLO Rebuy event. I also won the $10k NL Single Draw bracelet in 2015, and most recently, the $10k PLO8 in 2018.


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Download RIO Elite Essential Phil Galfond

  1. Turn C-Bet Opportunities in SRP’s
  2. $5/$10 PLO: Tough Spots in the 6-Max Streets
  3. Study Time: Facing Flop C-bets on Straight Boards
  4. $25/$50: Prep Work for My Challenges
  5. $25/$50 PLO: HU, 6M, FR all at the Same Time!
  6. $25/$50 PLO: Disagreeing w/ Past Phil
  7. $25/$50 PLO: More HU and Shorthanded Action
  8. $25/$50 PLO: HU and Full Ring Against the Vegas Donks
  9. Unwrapping HM3: More Calling 3-Bets in Position
  10. Unwrapping HM3: Calling 3-Bets in Position
  11. WCOOP $2k PLO Final Table (part 5)
  12. WCOOP $2k PLO Final Table (part 4)
  13. WCOOP $2k PLO Final Table (part 3)
  14. WCOOP $2k PLO Final Table (part 2)
  15. WCOOP $2k PLO Final Table (Part 1)
  16. $25/$50 Short-Handed and HU Live Session
  17. $25/$50 Late Night PLO Session
  18. Phil WSOP Online Bracelet Hunt – Home Stretch
  19. WSOP Online Bracelet Hunt (part 7)
  20. WSOP Online Bracelet Hunt (part 6)
  21. WSOP Online Bracelet Hunt (part 5)
  22. WSOP Online Bracelet Hunt (part 4)
  23. WSOP Online Bracelet Hunt (part 3)
  24. WSOP Online Bracelet Hunt (part 2)
  25. WSOP Online Bracelet Hunt (part 1)
  26. Mistake Hunting: $25/$50 HU PLO Zoom (part 3)
  27. Mistake Hunting: $25/$50 HU PLO Zoom (part 2)
  28. Mistake Hunting: $25/$50 HU PLO Zoom (Part 1)
  29. 2 Table $50/$100 HU Zoom PLO (part 5)
  30. 2 Table $50/$100 HU Zoom PLO (part 4)
  31. 2 Table $50/$100 HU Zoom PLO (part 3)
  32. 2 Table $50/$100 HU Zoom PLO (part 2)
  33. 2 Table $50/$100 HU Zoom PLO (part 1)
  34. Live-Action: $3/$6 PLO
  35. USPO $25k Final Table Review (part 3)
  36. USPO $25k Final Table Review (Part 2)
  37. USPO $25k Final Table Review (Part 1)

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Download RIO Elite Essential Phil Galfond

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