RIO Elite NLHE Paul Atwal


Paul Atwal grabs hands from the highest stakes games and in this video series gives his take on the approach of these players to see if he can glean anything to apply to his own game.


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  1. $25/$50+ High Stakes Hands Reviewed (54 min)
  2. High Stakes Hands Examined (43 min)
  3. Combating Sub-Optimal C-Bets (29 min)
  4. Super High Roller Cash Game (38 min)
  5. $200 Zoom: An Incredible Pool (40 min)
  6. $500 Zoom Live Play Session (35 min)
  7. Hand Review: Tough Spots (44 min)
  8. $500 Zoom: Tough Hands and Unorthodox Lines (35 min)
  9. 2 Table $2.50/$5 Zoom NLHE Review (Part 2) (38 min)
  10. 2 Table $2.50/$5 Zoom NLHE Review (Part 1) (41 min)
  11. Getting To Know PokerSnowie (57 min)

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Download RIO Elite NLHE Paul Atwal



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