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Mark “EluSiveMark” Lammers first got started playing poker six years ago in home games with friends. Like most online players his age, he began playing SNG’s and transitioned to NL cash after a year or so and hasn’t looked back since. You can find him mainly in the 500 zoom games or in the 1kNL games where his hand-reading and ability to adjust quickly to different opponents are most effective.


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  1. $500 Zoom: A Few Weeks into Quarantine (40 min)
  2. $500 Zoom: More S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y, NIGHT! (36 min)
  3. $500 Zooming on a Saturday Night (34 min)
  4. Check Raising: Value, Protection, and Equity Denial (34 min)
  5. $500 Zoom: More Tough Spots Against Familiar Players (48 min)
  6. $500 Zoom: Tough Hands in the Replayer (39 min)
  7. $500 Zoom: Short-Handed w/ Mostly Tight Passives (39 min)
  8. $2.50/$5 6-Max Zoom Session in the Replayer (44 min)
  9. SB vs BB: Wide Ranges and Tough Decisions (33 min)
  10. $500 Zoom Session Small Pool (45 min)
  11. $500 Zoom Fresh Session (47 min)
  12. EP/MP vs IP Flat: 74 Flops (42 min)
  13. Let’s See What We’ve Learned (44 min)
  14. 184 Flops When BTN 3B’s the CO (32 min)
  15. 184 Flops When SB 3B’s the Button (41 min)
  16. Grinding on Run It Once Poker (41 min)
  17. EP/MP vs BB: 74 Flops (40 min)
  18. Button v BB: 72 Flops in Position (38 min)

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