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ERA7ER began his poker career several years ago as a short stack and cap game specialist. After a couple of years building his bankroll in these games, he transitioned to deeper-stacked play and stakes anywhere from $2/$4 to $50/$100. Although he has experience in all forms of NL, his preference is for 6-Max games which will be the primary focus of his videos.
Aggressive by nature, his strong math skills allow for a fundamentally solid approach and occasional exploitative plays when dictated by his opponents.


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  1. $500 Zoom: Tough Pool w/ Some Overbetting (39 min)
  2. $500 Zoom: Making Hands Against Weaker Players (42 min)
  3. $500 Zoom: I’m Seeing the Nuts a lot Recently (34 min)
  4. $500 Zoom: Loosey Goosey Opponents (36 min)
  5. $500 Zoom: Lot’s of Tough River Decisions (35 min)
  6. $500 Zoom: A Lot of Innerpsy (35 min)
  7. $500 Zoom: We Have All the Overpairs (39 min)
  8. $2.50/$5 2 Table Zoom Live Session (34 min)
  9. $500 Zoom: mynameiskarl and a Bunch of Fish
  10. $500 Zoom: Big Pots Abound (48 min)
  11. $500 Zoom: Flopping Quads, Sets, and Squeezing (46 min)
  12. $500 Zoom: Small Pool + Tricky Spots (43 min)
  13. $.50/$1 Session (continued) (43 min)
  14. $.50/$1 Session (40 min)
  15. $500 Zoom Live Play (42 min)
  16. $2.50/$5 2 Table Zoom Live Session (40 min)
  17. We’ve Got Some Action: 3 Table $2.50/$5 6-Max Zoom NLHE (36 min)
  18. $500 Zoom: Small Pool but Plenty of Action (45 min)
  19. 3 Tabling $2.5/$5 6-Max Zoom NLHE Session (48 min)

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Download RIO Elite NLHE Era7er



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