RIO Elite NLHE DRLuck3


Way back when I started playing poker after watching Moneymaker win the Main Event. I fell in love with the game battling my high school friends for quarters for years before depositing on Pokerstars and I’ve been giving my all at mid-high stakes since.

I was fortunate enough to meet my wife at the WSOP about 9 years ago and of course, I had to chase across the country to get to work on locking that down…good decision 🙂 These days you’ll mostly find me grinding away at Z500 on Pokerstars, but I do love the challenge of some higher stakes action as well.


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  1. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself (36 min)
  2. Only The Good Stuff, A Session Reviewed (51 min)
  3. More $1k Live w/ DRLuck3 (42 min)
  4. This is Serious Business (44 min)
  5. Run It Once Radio (52 min)
  6. 2020:The Year of the Penguin (35 min)
  7. Raps About 4 Bet Pots (31 min)
  8. Ridiculous Replayer (32 min)
  9. Alive and Live (50 min)
  10. Wild Wild Wes (37 min)
  11. Big Foot v Unicorn (40 min)
  12. Amy Goes on Vacation (50 min)
  13. One Tiny Thing (34 min)
  14. Arg check raisers (59 min)
  15. DRLuck3 Goes Nuts at $500 Zoom (46 min)

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Download RIO Elite NLHE DRLuck3



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