Raise Your Edge Unchained A Powerful Mind


While designed with the poker mindset, you will dive much deeper than just that aspect of your life. Get down to the root causes of the issues that are affecting you.

Having the mental toolkit required to compete at an elite level will also greatly benefit your abilities in everyday life.


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  1. Tilt.mp4
  2. Fighting Tilt.mp4
  3. Changing Perspective.mp4
  4. Changing Perspective 2.mp4
  5. Brainwashed Society.mp4
  6. The Cause.mp4
  7. How to Dig Deep.mp4
  8. Deserve More.mp4
  9. Execution- How to Change.mp4
  10. Setting and Achieving Goals.mp4
  11. Focus and Deep Work.mp4
  12. Happiness and Work-Life Balance.mp4
  13. Why Pain is Good fot you.mp4
  14. Motivation and Patience.mp4
  15. Meditation and Taking Breaks.mp4
  16. Mindset-Journal.pdf

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Download Raise Your Edge Unchained A Powerful Mind




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