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Our goal has been to develop a poker system that is as simple and easy to learn as possible while simultaneously capturing the maximum amount of EV.

Most players believe these are competing goals. They think in order to win at poker, you have to have a complex strategy. We know this to be false, and have the results to prove it.

People make poker much more complicated than it needs to be.

You don’t need a complicated strategy to win. In fact, years of research have shown us that complex strategies are more likely to lose your money for a couple of reasons…

First, complicated strategies are impractical. As soon as you are under some type of performance stress, you’ll forget what you’re supposed to do and revert to your natural tendencies. For most people that means playing in a risk-averse way, and we all know what happens to scared money.

Our course is built using data research from ~200 million hands. This has given us extraordinary insight into dozens of pool imbalances and how to massively exploit these tendencies.

Simply put, our method crushes.


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