Download Best Poker Coaching Hand 2 Note Masterclass


This course uses the population research feature ( range research) to develop highly profitable strategies. This will be the easiest way to make a lot of money very quickly in almost any poker room you play at (where you have stats on opponents)

It will help you uncover hidden data in order to make large amounts of money by exploiting the average tendencies of the player pool. This means you can increase your win rate quickly.


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BPC HUD Tutorial

  1. What is Hand2Note
  2. BPC HUD Installation
  3. H2N Setup
  4. BPC HUD Stats
  5. DB Analysis With BPC HUD
  6. Villain Analysis with H2N
  7. Population Analysis
  8. BPC_HUD.exe

Download Best Poker Coaching Hand 2 Note Masterclass

H2N Master Mechanic

  1. H2N Master Mechanic
  2. Custom Definitions
  3. Range Based Definitions
  4. HUD Panels and Popups
  5. H2N Themes
  6. Cloning Stats
  7. Mass Cloning
  8. Mass Cloning by Texture
  9. Mass Cloning by Position
  10. Auto-Generated Popups
  11. Next Actions
  12. Textural Analysis
  13. Sizing Analysis
  14. Range Analysis
  15. Range Research
  16. Expression-Stats
  17. Layered Tab System

Population Secrets of Poker Videos

  1. Intro – PSP
  2. Mass DB Analysis
  3. Exploitation as the Aggressor
  4. Exploiting Pool Hotspots with Aggression
  5. Aggression by Sizing
  6. Aggression by Texture
  7. Aggression by Profile
  8. Aggression by Position
  9. Exploitation as Defender
  10. Exploiting Hotspots as Defender
  11. Defense by Sizing
  12. Defense by Texture
  13. Defense by Profile
  14. Defense by Position
  15. EV of Multiple Lines
  16. Solver Use
  17. IP Aggressor
  18. IP Defender
  19. OOP Aggressor
  20. OOP Defender
  21. Compare Two Bluff Spots.xlsx
  22. Sizing_Finder.xlsx

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