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Everybody knows the vast majority of money in MTTs is made at final tables. Our team has put in thousands of hours analyzing the math behind ICM situations. Combining the best of MonkerSolver, PioSolver, and ICMIZER, we have created a product that can deliver! The ICM Pre-Flop Masterclass will teach you the basic fundamentals such as opening ranges and even advanced topics like the stack size-adjusted exploitation of your opponents at final tables. This course is designed to give you the edge you need!



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Download BBZ ICM Preflop Masterclass

  1. Intro
  2. 10bb vs 15
  3. 10bb vs 20bb
  4. 10bb vs 34(cl)
  5. 10bb vs equal 10bb
  6. 15bb vs 15bb nodelokkato vs call+wide
  7. 15bb vs 15bb
  8. 15bbvs20
  9. 15bbvs34
  10. 1k
  11. 20bbvs15
  12. 20bbvs34
  13. 7bb vs 15
  14. 7bb vs 20
  15. 7bb vs 34
  16. bb34vs15
  17. bb34vs20
  18. Big stack analysis
  19. big stack play btn part1
  20. Big stack play sb part2
  21. bigstacck utg
  22. bigstack from btn part 2
  23. bigstack play btn
  24. Bigstack play from sb part1
  25. Bigstack play sb
  26. BIGSTACKplay on utg
  27. Bigstackplay
  28. BvB BB18 vs SB22
  29. BvB BB22 vs SB18
  30. BvB BB22 vs SB32
  31. BvB BB22 vs SB42
  32. BvB BB32 vs SB22
  33. BvB BB32 vs SB54
  34. BvB BB42 vs SB22
  35. BvB BB42 vs SB32
  36. BvB BB42 vs SB54
  37. BvB BB54 vs SB32
  38. BvB BB54 vs SB42
  39. conclusions (2)
  40. conclusions
  41. Content
  42. Course watcher – BBZPoker-1
  43. Facing 3-bet_ piosolver vs monker
  44. Freezeout Intro
  45. ft 1k vid4 new
  46. ft 5k
  47. ft vid2 109 new
  48. ft1k vid3 new
  49. ICM SIM 6-handed.xlsx
  50. mid stack play on btn part1
  51. Mid stack play utg
  52. mid stack playe on btn part 3
  53. Middle stack analysis
  54. midstack play btn part 1
  55. midstack play btn part 2
  56. midstack play from btn part2
  57. midstack play sb part 2
  58. midstack play sb part1
  59. midstack play utg
  60. midstack play
  61. midstack small blind play part 2
  62. midstack small blind play part1
  63. PKO Intro
  64. short btn play btn
  65. short play btn
  66. Short play sb
  67. short play utg
  68. Short stack analysis
  69. Shortstack play btn part 1
  70. Shortstack play btn part 2
  71. Shortstack play on sb part 2
  72. Shortstack play on sb part1
  73. Shortstack play on utg
  74. shortstackplay

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