Download 6-max 100bb 500z MonkerSolver Saved Run – Rangeconverter


Solved Ranges for 6-max 100bb 500z, as MonkerSolver Saved Run

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Opening RFI/3bet/4bet/5bet and defense – Heads-Up and multiway spots for 6-Max 100bb NL (5.0% $3 Cap rake structure).

Sizings solved for

2.5bb open, 3BET: 3.4x IP + callers, 4.4x OOP + callers, IP 4bet 2.3x, OOP 4Bet 2.75x. SB vs BB 3x, BB 3.3x (10), SB 2.7x 4bet (28.5). SB call, BB 3.5x, SB 3.75x (13), BB 2.15x (28)

Gametree details:

MP, CO, and SB play 3bet or fold vs a raise.

Solver Configuration Details

50 I/N, P/L/L Abstraction, 120 Buckets all streets.

Format Information

Full Mkr files ready to load into MonkerSolver



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